Our Services

We have vast experience in various different areas when it comes to research. Find out more information below about each type of service we offer. Need anything else? Please send us an email and we'll get back to you.

Market Research

In a very competitive market place we have always found that working closely with our clients on a less formal basis means that as a team we can ensure the whole process runs smoothly. By talking through criterias we can make sure that we get the right respondents and right venues for the type of research we are recruiting for.

Qualitative Research

Focus Groups: Here we understand that finding the right respondents is key. This is why we love to stay in contact with our clients, making sure that specific criterias can be achieved.

Depth Interviews: If you need to capture more of an insight into people's behaviours when it comes to consumer purchases, depth interviews are a really usuful way of gathering information on a one to one basis.

Workshops: We can recruit either large or smaller scale workshops knowing that chatty, articulate respondents with a more creative outlook can be very useful. With a good knowledge of our area we can also assist in finding just the right venue.

Online Blogs: Online communities are becoming a more popular way to collect people's in home behaviour so recruiting the right respondents who are tech savvy can lead to great results.

Quantitative Research

Hall Tests: Here we can find venues and either pre-recruit or randomly recruit a larger sample of respondents to take part in concept tests in a neutral environment.

Product Testing: Working alongside some very experienced quantitative interviewers, we can ensure products will be circulated to a good spread of area and get great feedback and opinions that are useful to clients.